Company presentation

Protective garments, beekeeping equipment and bee products Miha Kunstelj s.p.Šiviljstvo - obleka is a family-run company, which is fifteen years engaged in a production and distribution of protective garments for beekeepers. We are specialized in how to protect beekeepers from painfull bee-stings. But our products will not disappoint anybody who needs protection against wasps, hornets, mosquitos etc.
Our products are manufactured of high quality materials and have been developed in a cooperation with beekeepers, whose comments and suggestions considerably help us making our products of better quality. The beekeepers are the one who test and approve each of our product before it is introduced to the market. Only in this way we are able to manufacture products which are comfortable, servicable, and what is the most important, offer a good protection against bee-stings.
Our sales programme includes: a three types of beekeepers hat-veil, beekeepers hood with vail, beekeepers gloves, beekeepers jacket with hood-veil or hat-vail, beekeepers overall with hood-vail or hat-vail, vails without hat.

Ing. Jože Kunstelj S.P.Točila is a private company, specialized in producing beekeeping equipment, especially honey extractors. Innovative approach and creativity have helped in development of new products with a unique design, unknown to our market so far and many years' constructing experience is a guarantee for high quality products.
Our honey extractors are made of high quality materials which are permitted in food processing.
Our sales programme includes: 3-, 4- and 5-frame hand-geard honey extractors. All extractors have stainless-steels baskets, the tub and valve are made of high quality plastic, the lid is transparent. The stand is made of metal profiles and hand-gears are made of aluminium casing and metal cogwheels.
The extractors are adjusted to AŽ(slovenian type of the frame) and LR-frames.