Three-frame honey extractor

The extractor is made of PE tub and inner basket, which is made of stainless-steel. Beneath the tub is metal stand above the tub is metal gear holder and transparent lid.
All metal parts are protected against corrosion. The extractor may be hand- or motor-geared.
We offer hand gear in two varieties:
  • direct (handle is turning when the basket is turning)
  • with the clutch (the handle stand still when the basket is turning, turn handle in opposite direction serves as a brake)

  • Motor gear enables turning left and right. Power of the motor: 80 W. Motor is adjusted to alernating current 220 V.
    These extractors are suitable for extracting honey from AZ and LR (some other as well) frames. Grid measures: 450 x 280 mm
    All materials implemented in construction, which come into contact with honey, are approved in food production.

    Three-frame honey extractor
    Technical data:
  • Diameter: 520 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Volume of the tub: 100 l
  • A4 leaflet, you can print it.

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